A platform for farmer Inventors/Resources

One of the things Farmers and Ranchers in the Ag community have in common is that they just want to get the job done the best way possible and with the least amount of expense. We work hard for privelage to feed the world. For years, many of us have been looking for one place to look up inventions or find resources for the farm and ranch or share our ideas. For me growing up it was grabbing the latest issue of dakota farmer to read the funny cartoons and then look up the $100 ideas page at the end of the some of your favorite farm magazines. I loved to see illustrations or brief descriptions of what other were doing to solve common problems. Most of the solutions used every day things laying around your farm and ranch or easily found at your local farm store. Now in the day of hi tech you can still find processors, remote cameras, or sensors all on Amazon. If you dont travel the farm show network (which most of us dont) you arent aware of the resources available or the inventions that might just be starting up, with bootstrap budgets and one trip to a farm show. Unfortunately many of us have some GREAT ideas with all those hours in the saddle or behind the autosteer or maybe you dont even have an autosteer yet and you just want to find one that costs less than the tractor you are driving. Maybe we lack the expertise and time to build a website or connect the circuit board or some simple guidance to avoid the same pitfalls many of us discovered the hard way.

Thats where we come in. With some inspiration from my friend Chris Bennett (Farm Journal Journalist) we talked about the fact that there are not many resources for novice inventors nor is there a goto place to see how others solved the same challenges many of us face. As Chris interviewed countless inventors he came to some of the same conclusions, that farmer inventors run into the same stumbling blocks that we all discovered when trying to launch our ideas. We thought that not only offering a platform for INVENTIONS but the RESOURCES to make it an even bigger success.

By offering an app that people can search for ideas by topic to solve their everyday problems or paruse the RESOURCES section to find expertise in Website Building / App Building / Electrical Engineering/ Machining/ 3D printing / Cad / Robotics/ Cell Technology / Blutooth / Security / INVESTORS.

Bear with us as we build this site. Our intent is to allow people to submit ideas along with a brief description and photos and populate an APP.
We also want to have a RESOURCES section to allow those with expertise in a particular area or the resources to help other inventors solve their problems.
WE NEED YOUR HELP: Submit Solutions/Inventions/Ideas as well as your expertise.
For now: As we build our database and app we are simply asking you to email your information
INVENTORS: EMAIL: inventions (AT) farminvent.com
Contact Info (or remain anonymous) / Price (if you are selling) / Brief Description / Photos.
RESOURCES: EMAIL: resources (AT) farminvent.com
Expertise you possess (novice or proffessional) / Contact Information (Website or Facebook) / Price